Web Design Pricing Plans
Phone: (757) 715-7268
(757) 572-3033

E-Mail: Mysticales@Yahoo.com

Flea market Vendors Only
All other inquiries please contact for a consultation

Basic Monthly Pricing:
Standard 1 Month             $5.00
Pre Paid 3 Months            $14.25            ($4.75 monthly, a savings of  $  .75)
Pre Paid 6 Months            $27.00            ($4.50 monthly, a savings of  $3.00)
Pre Paid 12 Months          $51.00            ($4.25 monthly, a savings of  $9.00)

Basic Service Includes:

Additional Services:

Local Search Engine Registration                            $5.00            * one time fee
Local & National Search Engine Registration          $15.00          *one time fee
Additional Images (you supply photo)                     $1.00            *one time fee    
Image Service  (we will take pictures for you)         $8.00            *up to 1st hour
*Additional Time                                                   $5.00               per hour
Music Playing On Your Page                                 $2.00             *one time fee
Additional Web Pages                                           $5.00 set up     adtl. $1.00 monthly

Payments are due the 1st of the month (You will be granted a 7 day grace period).
Advanced Services Or Full Web Sites Require A Consultation Before A Price Can Be Quoted.

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